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Some Of The Most Popular Android Versions


The majority of phone users know that Android is actually one of the most used operating systems on the planet because you can find all kinds of phones that run Android. It is one of the most omnipresent things in the entire mobile ecosystem. Android has been known to provide all kinds of phones that people can use. They have all been proven useful. In this guide, I will be talking about some really popular and useful android versions that you should check out. If you are someone who uses Android, make sure that your phone is updated to the latest version that it supports.



Google has actually been really punctual when it comes to android updates. When I say punctual, they send out timely updates to devices like the Pixel which are actually from Google. In many cases, when there have been some bugs in some android versions, Google puts out updates in a punctual way. This has actually been known to help developers prioritize all of their resources for widely used Android versions rather than wasting them on some out-of-date versions. In order to get some estimated values of Android usage, Google has actually been known to keep a close eye on the active Android versions and also the downloads. Well, Android is actually not known all too well for being completely updates when it comes to pumping out updates for all devices. Well, that is understandable because there are just too many brands using Android and also too many devices. It is simply impossible to create a stable version of the latest version of Android for all of these devices because the number is actually in the billions range.

Here are some Android versions that were received really well by the public.All hail the Pie version which was also called Android Pie which is still alive and kicking. It has proven to be the most popular one because of the fact that it has been the most stable version yet. Some of the devices that are supported are actually the ones that were put out by Motorola, Google, Samsung and more. It is rare that most phones support the latest version of Android because of the fact that it is impossible to make a stable version for all the phones out there. It is simple; indeed, if you want the latest version of Android, you should purchase the latest and best phone in the android market. Here is a representation of usage.

Android version

  • Pie 9
  • Nougat 7
  • Marshmallow 6
  • Lollipop 5
  • Oreo 8
  • KitKat 4.4
  • Jelly Bean 4
  • Ice Cream Sandwich 3
  • Gingerbread 2

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Top 10 Best Rooting Apps For Android Devices



The rooting app SRSRoot is the one for Android with which you can be able to root your Android phone or any kind of tablet that runs with Android. With this app, you can remove the root access to the Android devices with the help of just a single click. It is available for free and can provide you with two ways to root it. One is Root Device (SmartRoot), and another is that it can root in all methods. It works well with starting from Android 1.5 to Android 4.2 and also supports un-root.


AdBlock Plus is a free rooting app with open source. Above a rooting app, it is an app and also an extension where it can remove the ads from the device.


FlashFire is a rooting app that is available on the Google Play Store which is suggested to try for your Android devices. The utility of the app can flash firmware and includes firmware from the manufacturers, OTA updates, and much more.


This is another tool precisely for the flashers since the app can flash most of the things. This app includes the recoveries of the TWRP, CWM, kernels, zip files, stock recovery, GAPPs. There is a facility to backup the recovery files and Kennel loop on the both Drop Box or the Google Drive.


This is that kind of app that helps you to move the apps over the SD card. Link2SD creates the links to makes the devices you have believe it is actually on your device so that it works for the apps that are conventional Apps2SD apps do not work.


It lets you do the things like watching TV shows on Netflix or play Pokemon Go while being rooted. It has got a majority of the other functions like including the modules that add more functionality. This is a must have app for rooting. But Magisk is no longer available in the Google Play Store and thus, you will have to get the APK from XDA-Developers.


We can say that Quick Boot is the most simple app in this list of the best android rooting apps. In the most Android versions, the power menu of the device is weak sauce and you can only power down and also, you can reboot it.


ROM Toolbox is that kind of app where you can get multiple solutions for the root users that still works very well. The bunch of features in the app include a built-in-file with the browser rooting, app manager, ROM Management, font installer, script writer, and a lot more.


Servicely is a rooting app which helps in controlling the background services of the device.


Solid Explorer works as a good file manager without rooting for the most of the tasks. This can do the usual stuff like copy-paste, unzip files, etc. It can support for the cloud storage and network storage devices.